Land A Job You Love

A Career Course for Skilled Professionals Seeking Fulfilling Work 

Top 3 Reasons To Take This Course

#1 - You Are Still At Risk

We all remember this chart, right? When millions of Americans were suddenly laid off, furloughed, and filing for unemployment...
If you were lucky, your salary was cut. But don't bet on safety in the near future. This could happen again.

And if you hope things will just "work out," that's naive. 

The likelihood is that more businesses will shudder. America will sink deeper into a recession. And you will be at greater risk of losing your job. 

You need a game plan if / when that day arrives.

#2 - You Will Need To Transition Again

No matter where you are in your career, you will need to reinvent yourself. Change is a fact of life, and there is no such thing as security -- especially during a pandemic. 

As Charles Darwin said, "It's not the strongest that survives... it's the one most adaptable to change."

So you know you'll need to adapt in the future, which means you'll need to make some sort of career transition. 

But here's the problem: The odds are against you.
98% of applicants are eliminated at 
the initial resume screening. 

Only 2% of candidates make it 
to the interview. 

- Job Market Experts

Why? Because getting hired is a competition. 

And if you're applying to jobs the exact same way as everyone else (sending in a resume through a job listing site and hoping for the best), I guarantee you that you will lose. 

If you don't know have the skillset of finding the best work opportunities for you, standing out and beating the competition, and motivating employers to say "yes!" to hiring you... 

Then you are setting yourself up for a very painful future. 

#3 - You Need A "Get A Great Job Fast" Strategy

Do you know exactly what to do when you are unemployed? 

Most people either panic, freeze, or get depressed. 

Like Mike Tyson said, "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." 

If you think LinkedIn or Indeed job listings will save you, then you're in for a very rude and painful awakening. They are typically filled with entry level jobs:

If you want to continue advancing your career -- even during a global recession -- then you will need more than a plan...

You need a strategy.

A plan says, “Here are the steps...” 

A strategy says, “Here are the BEST steps.”

That's what I teach in this course, Land A Job You Love. 

A battle-tested strategy to help you find awesome jobs, create an irresistible application, stand out from the competition, and get dream job offers on demand.

The materials in this course have changed hundreds of people's careers, forever.

Because once you know the best steps to get hired... Once you know all the right moves to make, it will allow you to smoothly transition into fulfilling work opportunities, even when the entire business world seems to be laying people off...

You'll have the power to secure your career, and your future. 
Land A Job You Love was the best thing I’ve ever purchased for my personal growth. The ROI for my life has been infinite. I bet on myself, and I won."
ROBERT PARNELL, Hired by Onnit
"Just epic for anyone starting over, or reinventing themselves."
NOAH KAGAN, Founder of
Meet Your Course Instructor: Charlie Hoehn 
  • Author of Play for a Living and Recession Proof Graduate
  • ​12 years as a career coach
  • ​Speaker at Microsoft, TEDx, and the Pentagon
  • ​Featured in Harvard Business Review, NPR's TED Radio Hour, Financial Times, and many others

Tim Ferriss hired Charlie Hoehn as his first full-time employee.
Land A Job You Love includes:
  • Video Lessons that Show Exactly How to Find A Fulfilling Job 
  • ​Tips to Avoid The Big Job Hunting Mistakes That Kill Applications
  • Proven Email Scripts That Make It Easy To Get Hired On Command
  • The Real SECRET For How To Find The Perfect Job For You
  • The Tools You Need To Get Employers To Say "YES" To Hiring You 
You'll Also Get These Bonuses:
Bonus #1: Student Success Stories. These detailed case studies show how the top 1% of professionals systematically land amazing work opportunities. ($100 value)

Bonus #2: Dream Career Expert Interviews. These eight people have worked with clients like Zappos, David Bowie, The White House, Tony Robbins, Reid Hoffman, National Geographic, and many others. Their tips will propel your career to the next level. ($200 value)

Bonus #3: Lifetime Access to Our Private Facebook Group. This is just for Land A Job You Love members. This group will give you the support you need, so you never get stuck and you'll have help during any job search in your career. ($200 value)

Bonus #4: Recession Proof Graduate - The Ultimate Career Guide, in Audiobook & PDF ($25 value)

Bonus #5: Play for a Living - Beautiful Quotes and Artwork to Inspire You Throughout Your Career ($15 value)

Total Value in Bonuses = $500+

what real students say
Check Out These Course Testimonials
“The next day, I received a message from the CFO of Onnit, and he asked if I could come in the next day and do an hour interview in person. I couldn’t help but feel like “Oh my god, it’s working!” … They told me I got the job. It was just such a drastic gap in emotion, to being scared for my life to feeling like I’m living my dream life... Land A Job You Love was the best thing I’ve ever purchased for my personal growth. The ROI for my life has been infinite. I bet on myself, and I won."
"Before this course, I'd applied to 50+ companies... and no offers. The rejection sucked. Then I started implementing Charlie's strategy and was very quickly able to get meetings with some of my heroes. In terms of numbers, I've made thousands of dollars, but the connections I've been able to make are priceless. If you want to get out of the traditional cookie-cutter 9-5, create your own positions (over and over again) and work with people you admire, take this course. You won't regret it."
"After firing off that cover letter, I got a call. We spoke for an hour about my business plan. Fast forward to now... I'm writing this from a villa in Bali, having spent the last 7 weeks traveling and filming all over Southeast Asia. It's been the most epic adventure of my life. I've gotten to live out one of my biggest dreams. All because I sent that email."
"Being a career coach in higher education I am trained in the “traditional” methods of career development and job-search process. This course takes the search process one step further than the traditional methods— creating a straightforward approach while challenging participants to be creative in establishing their personal brand to land a job they are passionate about. Land a Job You Love provides concrete strategies to help you stand out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market.  "
"After learning these techniques, it felt like suddenly the entire world was open to me. Within a few days, I had offered to do free UX and app development work for someone for two weeks, and they ended up being my first client. Now I've made thousands of dollars and am planning on doing it full-time. It's truly a dream come true! Thank you!" 
"This course isn't about finding a job you love, it’s about changing your life. You need to re-assess who you want to be, showcase those skills, then show those skills to the people you want to surround yourself with. The best part is that you will be developing new skills, getting outside of your comfort zone, and taking charge of your life, rather than leaving your destiny in the hands of anyone else. You'll hone your own skills, then promote them to the people who you could help. By helping them, you validate your work, which will help you build your network and earn referrals for future jobs. Take this course and upgrade your life today"

"My project for Google is blowing up thanks to this course! I am getting a lot of attention online, and this has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I am super grateful for this. Thank you!"
"I finally took the plunge and reached out to someone whose work I admire. He <3'd the email. He responded by asking me to help him out with his next project, to which I said "HELL YES!" After a few weeks of working together, we're business partners on his next venture. And to sweeten the deal, he started to throw paid work my way from some of the other projects he's working on. All I have to say is THANK YOU. Without the kick in the ass your course gave me, I would still be aimless."
"The project and website really boosted my applications. Several of my interviewers commented that doing a project like this was really cool and made me stand out. I was able to get a response from SpaceX and actually had several phone interviews."
are you going to stay stuck in your career, or do you want RESPONSES LIKE THIS?
When you have a job you actually love, think about how good it will feel each day to wake up, excited to get to work...

When you're getting paid to do work you care about, you'll feel like you actually matter, and that you're making a difference...

Your friends will ask you, "How in the world did you get that job?!"

That's what you can expect from the Land A Job You Love course.

Best of all, you have nothing to lose.
Take A Month To Put This Course To The Test With Our Money-Back Guarantee
If Land A Job You Love doesn't show you exactly how to find an awesome job... if it doesn't take you by the hand, step-by-step, to getting hired faster... then you can ask for a full refund.

Go ahead and click the enroll button below, and you'll be on your way to enjoying the course.

Every day wasted on the job hunt is a day you could be doing fulfilling work. Start now, so you can land a job you love.
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